Inventory Management System
Improve efficiency and effective use of resources!
Do you need help managing stock?

Buy-IT-Rightâ„¢ is an inventory management system that has been developed and tailored to address the intricacies of the pharmacy industry.

Are you wasting too much time doing orders?

A key practical function of the software is its ability to generate prescheduled orders on a set basis with order quantities determined based on a forecast, thus improving productivity and efficiencies.

Finding it hard to keep up with order constraints?

The core benefits of the software stem from its sophisticated algorithms that take into consideration the cost-effectiveness of the order based on various factors such as:

Range deals

Individual deals

Order cut-off times

Preferred wholesalers

Minimum spend

Number of orders

Order channels

Direct suppliers



TOP 9 reasons why Buy it Rightâ„¢ is the perfect Inventory Management System for you

  1. Improves efficiency and effective use of resources
  2. Helps you make informed inventory decisions
  3. Minimises your out of stocks
  4. Maximises the best NIS
  5. Reduces your inventory costs
  6. Integrates with planograms
  7. Suitable for all ordering channels
  8. Compatible with all major wholesalers
  9. Controls your Gross Profit margins

Key Features

Automated orders
Order quantities based on forecast
Vendor selection
Maximises buying deals
Proven time savings
Comprehensive business intelligence reporting

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